our mission

Our mission is to help people access clean energy and modern technical appliances by becoming the Bay Area's premier electrical contractor.
With diminishing natural diversity and warming climate, it is Elex Solutions's utmost duty to help reduce the effects. Increasing energy efficiency of houses and preparing for solar is an extremely important step. However, while solar panels are becoming more efficient, utilizing the power they generate—storing it and distributing it to everything from the dishwasher to the electric vehicle charging station requires a modern electrical panel capable of handling an intense load. We are here to provide a solution.

Work among experienced electrical pros

Elex Solutions members participating in a charity project in Colombia.

Giving back

We believe in giving back. Facilitating the pivot towards clean, efficient energy is not our only way to make the world thrive. Elex Solutions encourages our employees to give back to their communities as much as they can. In 2017, Elex Solutions founder Tarmo Taht will be leading a company-wide initiative to volunteer for ocean and beach cleanup projects throughout Northern California. The company will also help build homes for the poor in some of the most economically deprived regions of Mexico, Colombia, and Panama. And it's just a start!